No Plastic Hong Kong 2019:

  “No Plastic Ocean”


Chinese YMCA organised 7 years “No Plastic Bottles Day” continuously from 2012 to 2018. It aims to raise the public concern on the seriousness of the plastic pollution by reducing the usage of disposable plastic bottles.


In 2019, we rename the campaign to be “No Plastic Hog Kong” (NPHK) to enlarge the coverage and include more plastic waste. The theme of NPHK this year is “No Plastic Ocean” in which over 40 primary schools have joined the series of educational activities, like short talk, seashore cleaning, board game workshop and game stalls. The kickoff ceremony has been held on 2nd November at Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Kowloon Centre. 30 schools with over 200 students joined the function in which students of  7 schools continued to go to seven beaches and seashores to collect the plastic and other wastes. The total weight is over 180 kg. 


Over 200 schools, organisations, housing estates and companies support the “No Plastic” campaign and enroll their supports at this website to refuse one-off plastic products on 2nd November 2019. 240 thousand persons promise to sustain this green life habit and protect the ocean continuously.  

Environment Fund -- "No Plastic Ocean" Education Action Highlight (Chinese version only)




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