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Facing with the reality of poor plastic recycling rate (9% only), lowering the consumption of plastic bottle drinks is vital. However, it is a great challenge for us to put it into practice in the extremely hot summer. In order to widen the cope in different drinking style, Chinese YMCA organized a kickoff ceremony at Lok Fu Place with the theme of “Cheers 4 Plastic Free” in 26-5-2018. We presented the acknowledgement certificate to the supporters echoing the new drinking styles. Anyone who presented his refilled bottle or cup can enjoy  our free summer drinks. It aims to promote the water refill culture by “Bring Your Own Bottle” and say “NO” to the one-off plastic bottle drinks.


We distributed over 80 litre special summer drinks to the participants and save 160 500cc plastic bottles. Though the quantity is very low, it is still a good start to change our lifestyle. The ceremony also included different educational talks and game booths to provide more relevant information on green life and healthy drinks. The information was uploaded to the NOPB website to enhance the new drinking style.


After the implementation of the kickoff ceremony, we continued the green efforts by running a “No Plastic Challenge” Action. Participants are requested to bring their own containers seven days continuously and photo the “LIKE” sign with the respective container. They also needed to hastag “#No Plastic Challenge” at social media and tag one person everyday inviting them to join and snowball the Challenge.

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